A wife, mom, grandma, and leader at Bethel Church

– shares insight into a life of a Spirit-led family, a prophetic movement, and a journey of faith.

You can’t always control how things will turn out in your life. But God uses all situations in our lives to forge us into sons and daughters, to teach us, and build our faith. Don’t miss the opportunities in front of you to grow. You were made for a faith-filled prophetic life.

Hi there,

I am Kathy Vallotton—a grandma, mom, wife, and Senior Leader at Bethel Church. I live in Redding, California with my incredible husband, Kris Vallotton. We have four kids and 10 grandkids, who spend a lot of time over at our house. Oh, and I can’t forget my two horses, Dreamer and Legend, and German Shepherd, Samson. In my free time, I love being outdoors, hunting, fishing, and riding my horses.

Build a life, marriage and family of faith.

Live a Faith-Filled Life

God uses every situation in our lives to forge us into Sons and Daughters.

Become Aware of God’s Voice & Presence

You were made for friendship with the Father.

Leave a Legacy

Learn to live a life that leaves an impact on future generations.



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Life is full of ups and downs, we can’t always control what the outcome is but there is a lesson to be learned in every challenge.

Tune in as Kathy talks about the treasures found in the challenge, the lessons learned on the journey, and stories made along the way with some of the most impactful people in her life.

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