The Good, the God and the Ugly

Learn how to live a life of immense faith and steward the supernatural in every area of your life. 

Listen to conversations and interviews with the wife, mama, grandma, and influential leader Kathy Vallotton.

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Too often we retreat in fear when confronted with life’s difficulties.
Don’t run away from the invitation of greater faith and courage any longer. You were made to conquer fear and live courageously.

Be inspired and equipped to overcome life’s circumstances no matter the size of the challenge.

Build your faith as you tune in and listen to the inspiring testimonies of overcoming, perseverance, and faith.

Develop key kingdom principles for a supernatural lifestyle.

Listen to key truths for advancing and establishing the kingdom in your life, home, and the world around you.

Begin living a life that will leave a lasting legacy.

Leave an impact beyond a lifetime; receive multi-generational vision.

Kathy Vallotton has lived a life of faith, raised a spirit-led family, and impacted thousands through her love and service. On the Good, the God, and the Ugly Podcast, Kathy is sharing some of her most cherished lessons, miracle moments, and wealth of wisdom. Tune in and learn how to find a treasure in a challenge, partner with God in every area of your life, and leave a lasting legacy.

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